Planning Guide for Basic Masonry Heater and Massive Woodstoves


Type of Heater: _____________________________

Going into a New or Existing Structure? y/n  _________

Custom Design Information: _____________________

Total Square Feet area to be heated: _______________

Total Cubic Feet area to be heated: ________________

Primary or Secondary back-up: __________________

Completion Date: ____/____/____

Your Name: ________________________________

Address: __________________________________

Phone: ________________ Fax: _______________

Email: ____________________________________

Contractor/Architect Name: ____________________

Address: __________________________________

Phone: ________________ Fax: _______________

Email: ___________________________________

All Full Size heaters require a solid structural
support or footing-foundation to support it due
to the massive weight. The average foundation
area is 3′ x 4′. Is there an existing foundation
currently at the location of the heater: _____________
If yes, what is the structure made of: ______________ 

Are there any current elevation and plan view
prints available: ____________________________

Briefly describe the type of the overall heater you
would like to see in your home or business: _____________________________

Would you like to see us incorporate any of the
following into your design? Check any or all:

______ Heated Straight Bench
______ Ergonomically Comfort Fitted Seat
______ Hot Water Heat Exchanger
______ Bread Oven
______ Pizza Oven
______ Fryer Surface




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